Like you, we come from an

entrepreneurial background.

We are an entrepreneurial company, just like our clients, and want our employees to be creative

and take personal responsibility for their work..

We admire, respect and understand entrepreneurs who have taken on the risk of owning a business.

We know that most business people do not start a business only for the lure of profit,

but because they want to build something special.

So when these businesses decide to sell or acquire, we help them find the right partners who will sustain the company’s

culture, employees, revenue and profits, which will assure the on-going success of what they built.

Our Commitment and Principles

We know we will be judged by the service we provide and the results achieved.

So Crescenda is committed to creating a great company by embracing and developing strong client relationships and

delivering the highest value when selling a business. We believe in attracting the best people while creating an

excellent environment where our employees can be passionate about their work and passionate about making significant

contributions to the company’s success by bringing a higher value to our client’s business.

We are committed to delivering value for our clients. Making things happen for our clients is one of our competitive advan-

tages and a trademark of a great company. We do what it takes to ensure our clients receive more than what is expected.


We place a high degree of importance on the following values:
Integrity is highly ethical personal conduct, while standing for what
you believe in and being committed to the company’s operating principles.
Teamwork requires working together with open communication, sup-
porting each other and being committed to achieving common objectives.
Do the right thing Good managers do things right. Good
leaders do the right thing. We are an entrepreneurial company. We do not
believe in structured policies and procedures that direct employees how
to think and act. Our employees will be creative in an environment where
they can make a difference and do the right thing.
Risk taking and Passion We realize that making things hap-
pen in the face of the unknown can be a daunting experience, so we look
towards our passion and commitment in making a difference to guide us
through these experiences. Market leadership demands courage, innovation,
risk taking and commitment; succeeding at Crescenda will demand passion.
Client advocacy Understand and empathize with client needs
and be tough negotiators on their behalf.
WORK HARD AND HAVE FUN Be responsive at all times and go
beyond the call of duty for clients – while also creating an excellent work
environment where enthusiasm, creativity and results are recognized.