Howie Milstein wanted
more time to run another company
(and his motorcycle).
Crescenda helped him find it.

Being pulled in too many directions can be
frustrating for an entrepreneur. For Howie Milstein,
it was time to do something about the situation by
selling one of the two companies he operated.
“We’d owned Active Therapeutics Institute for 8
years and my partner had his separate dental practice
to run and I’m President of a medical device
company,” says Milstein, “So we could only put so
much time and energy into daily oversight of ATI.
It wasn’t fair to the business, so it was time to put it in
the hands of an owner who could really drive it.”
How did they go about finding someone to help
them sell their business?

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“Crescenda 100% delivered on their promises. They opened up opportunities
and followed up on them in a way we could never do ourselves. Jim
identified the right buyers and knew how to access them. Things happen with
buyers that you have no control over and it’s easy to say ‘We’re done with
them’. But Jim would find another path and keep advancing the ball.”
“Our goal was to preserve the culture of our employees developing a connec-
tion with the patient, which augments the healing process. The buyer needed
to understand that this was the real value of what they were buying. The
ultimate buyer really got the culture.”

How does Howie Milstein describe what makes Crescenda different?

”Jim Odney is the cultural driver of Crescenda, and he’s the kind of person I
want to do business with because he has a high level of integrity, he’s creative
and tenacious. He understands people and has great emotional intelligence.
Plus he has a great sense of humor and I won’t work with people who take
themselves too seriously.”

For Howie Milstein, life is now a bit simpler, running the company he wants to
run and finding more time for leisure activities.

“I’m now free to focus more energy on the ‘day job’, which is running a medical
device company. I also do volunteer work…I’m a community activist…I’ve freed
myself up to do things I find enriching and validating.”
“I’m also trying to find a little more recreational time. I ride a motorcycle - not
enough - but I love that. This is the first year my wife and I will be taking two
different trips. We also like to bicycle and I’m playing a few more rounds of
golf this year. Life is short. You don’t want to wait to do some of the things you
want to do.”

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Howie and Gail Milstein

cruising the back roads.