Bob Remakel
wanted to sell his company.
He also Wanted to stay
in the game.

Bob Remakel had built a company he believed in.
DigiGraphics occupied a successful printing niche,
had 55 loyal employees and was developing new
capabilities. But nearing retirement age, Bob wanted
to find a buyer who would continue the success and
allow him three years to work his way out the door.
"I went through the process of trying to sell my
company on my own for many years," says Bob.
"I would make a contact myself or through a consul-
tant and I’d take it from there. I turned down several
companies that weren’t the right fit, or who just
wanted to cherry pick parts of our business."

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"Then, Jim Odney of Crescenda contacted me. He understood me. He knew I didn’t want my listing
out in the marketplace, worrying my employees. I didn’t want to shop it; I just wanted to find the right

"Jim is a baseball fan like me. He would invite me to a game at the new Twins stadium to discuss pro-
spective buyers and I’d usually say no. Then, he brought me Imagine Print Solutions, a very successful
company in acquisition mode. I said I’d consider it. Within a week, Jim set up a tour with Craig Man-
dery, Imagine’s Chief Business Officer. He brought Bob Lothenbach, President and CEO down the
following week and it was all done within two months. I liked what Imagine had to offer because they
had specialized work from their clients that DigiGraphics could handle without changing our culture."
"The sale is a ten out of ten. I continued to work very hard for the company and we never had any
battles. The work they brought in was very important...growing us to almost double the size of when I

"These past three years working with Bob has been a pleasure", says Craig. "We have been able to
keep the culture that Bob created and he was able to help us identify and train his replacement. This
was our first serious acquisition and with how well it went gave us the confidence to make a very large
acquisition in North Carolina that had similar qualities as DigiGraphics"

"Jim Odney perceives what his customer wants...he has good marketing sense and is persistent," says
Bob Remakel. "He brought me many companies. He knew I was a control freak, and tailored the
process to my needs. There was trust between us. He never over embellished any buyer - he would
just lay it out. He knew when to help me or leave me alone."

"My three year workout just ended. I loved running this company, but I tell everyone I have time now
to figure out what’s next. My wife and I will continue to travel. My two boys play amateur baseball in
an adult league, so I’ll go to their games every Sunday. I’ve already started doing some volunteer work.
When I sold, I still wanted to stay in the game. I’m pushing 72. Now it’s time for me."

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Bob Remakel

still enjoys the game