“Crescenda helped us sell
our printing company for peak value.
Now I can focus on reaching
the next summit.

Reasons for selling a business are as varied as
businesses themselves. For John Ledy and the other
owners of Immedia, the time had come to simplify
and re-focus their efforts.
“We had two businesses pulling our senior management
in two different directions,” says John. Selling
Immedia, a successful specialty printing company,
allowed John and his partners to focus on their core
business – Innovize – a contract manufacturer of
medical components. After the sale, John was able
to enjoy a long-dreamed-of helicopter ski trip, and is
now focused on the next summit with Innovize.

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Why did they pick Crescenda to help with the sale?

“Crescenda was more engaged in the process than the
other business brokers and investment bank alternatives
we looked at. They connected with our business and we
didn’t feel like it was just one of many deals they were

“Selling wasn’t just about the money for us. Crescenda
made sure we found the correct type of buyer – not just an
investor looking to buy and re-sell. We hoped for a strategic
buyer who would keep management intact.”

“The individuals at Crescenda have been in my seat and
can relate more to my issues. They spoke intelligently to
our issues and concerns because they’ve been there.”

Was the process successful?

“Crescenda had a very good sense for our company and
our market…they put together a very effective offering
package based on that knowledge. More importantly, the
business we sold is still intact…senior management is still
there…we were able to put protections in there for them.”
For John Ledy and his partners at Innovize, there’s more to
come. “The next summit is waiting for us,” says John. We
can now focus on one company. We’re looking to do great
things with Innovize.”

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John Ledy

entrepreneur and skier.