A Process for Achieving

Top Value.

We have developed a highly effective selling process that delivers the highest possible proceeds for you.

The process includes marketing your company through three channels:

Strategic Buyers

We know how to identify and reach potential buyers that operate in your industry who may have

a strategic interest in your business

Private Equity Groups

Each year, these investment funds raise nearly $100 billion dollars to buy businesses. We have contacts at

over 1,300 of these groups and have indexed their investment areas. We know which ones are interested in

your type of business. These firms do not want to manage their businesses. They typically like to buy out the

principals and in many cases, provide equity as an incentive to key management.

Private Investors

We have many private investor contacts including other investment bankers who are interested in investing

in a business. We specialize in putting together investment groups of individuals (which can include your key

employees) and/or companies who may have both a strategic and financial interest.