Step one is a valuation
based on real data and professional


Before bringing your company to market, you need to get an idea of what the business is worth.

We offer companies our expertise in valuations and that of independent specialists through our association

with several accounting firms who would perform the formal valuation of your company, if necessary.

Appraised book or market value coupled with our ability to assess the intrinsic value of your assets such

as your brand equity, trademarks, your employees, client lists, proprietary products and processes and

other intangibles are what sets us apart in placing a true value on your company’s worth.

Nevertheless, in the end, your company’s value is what someone is willing to pay for it and our ability to bring

multiple prospective buyers to you is why you should hire Crescenda as your investment banking advisor.

For an estimate of your company’s value or a full, formal valuation by one of our

accounting business partners, call us at (763) 545-1886.